Friday, January 11, 2008

Random idea

Hey, are any of you good at writing words to songs? If so... you want to come up with words and I'll write the music? Hey! That might work... Hmm. Sry... thinking outloud. Can you tell I'm bored?

Random thoughts

I am still reading "Piercing The Darkness". I am on chapter nine, I think, now. It is pretty good so far. Alekiel says it gets much better later on! This Present Darkness was awesome!
The book (The Kusadehh Shield) I have been working on writing for the past... what four, almost five years now? (Wow!) - Is similar to it, so I guess I better change some things. I just had some of the same ideas. My latest version is really cool, btw. And yes, I have been working on it lately!!!!!!!!... I didn't stop like I thought I would. Anyway, I'll ttyl. Bye!

P.S. I am writing another song too! It is called Rain. Now I am trying to write words for it, but did I mention I stink at that? lol!

ZOEgirl - Dead Serious lyrics

Who's that girl with the Bible in her hands
The smile on her face, she doesn't get it, I don’t understand
The way she walks with her head in the clouds
She doesn't care who laughs, walks right through the crowd

That's right, that's me, I don't care what you think
People talk all day, I don't care what they say

You think I'm delirious, a typical reaction
Aren't you curious about my satisfaction
Maybe you're envious, a little curious
You can laugh, but I'm dead serious

Watch her as she goes, there's something different and she knows it
Ask her why, and she'll flash that silly smile
She says she's got a purpose and she's done with all the games
Jesus saved her soul and she'll never be the same

That's right that's me, I don't care what you think
You can talk all day, I don't care what you say

Eternity won't wait for me
I've made my choice, it's where I want to be
All I want to be seen is the light of God shining in me
I may be young, but I am free
You can't change what I believe

That's right, that's me, I don't care what you think
You can talk all day, I'm okay anyway

Serious, I'm serious
You can laugh but I'm dead serious

I love this song. More so the meaning behind it rather than the beat of the song. It is, however a cool, upbeat song. Have any of you heard it before?

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