Thursday, March 13, 2008

!Hero the Rock Opera and Lifehouse Everything skit

Hey! I accidentally recorded something thinking it was something else one day and it ended up being interesting. I really don't know what to think of it. It is called !Hero the Rock Opera. It is pretty much what would happen if Jesus hadn't come earlier but came in modern times. It has famous singers like Michael Tait from dc Talk, Rebecca St. James, T-Bone, Paul Wright, and a lot of people. I haven't seen the whole thing but I have seen parts. Michael Tait plays the Hero or Jesus. Well it is like a modern Jesus on Earth, in a musical. It is called a Rock Opera. It has like rock, hip hop, and pop. Songs. I really like one that Rebecca St. James sings in.
I am listening to that song right now. I think Rebecca St. James is perfect for that.
Well it is interesting. That's the website. There are videos on youtube. It might be interesting to own. People were saying that it was very good and moving. Well if y'all are interesting, you can check it out.

There was something else. I put it on my blog. I saw this at a teen conference called Winterfest and like it a lot. It is really true. I would love to tell y'all about the skit but it would be better if you watched it. Just warning it isn't bad but it has some tough stuff. (Like drinking, bulimia, self mutulation, and suicide) But it is true and you should watch it. It is amazing. Some people might be confused but I don't know. It is preformed with a song by Lighthouse. It is Everything. I love that song and it is the perfect song for that skit. I bought the song for my iPod and I didn't want to stop listening to that song.

Well I hope you watch the skit at least.

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