Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Water Symbolizes... Life?

I asked on a previous post what y'all think water symbolizes. Most of you said that it symbolizes "life" ~ a conclusion I had already come to, but wasn't really sure. So in saying that, you confirmed that.

Water symbolizing life makes since because if you think about it, without water there would be no life. What water and life has to do with me I don't exactly know...
But please tell me if you think of anything else.

Misha said: In the Bible it says something about Living Water, and this one king in the Bible got healed of his leprosy by dipping himself in the Jordan River

Hannah said: Water symbolizes Christian life. Then "come to the river of life and be restored or something along that line"

Zuzu said: In the Bible water basically symbolizes life. As for water being used to describe someone, they probably meant that you are calm, peaceful, graceful, and quiet. So yeah, I guess it is a compliment.

And Sapphira asked if I perceived that as a complement. I don't really know actually. When I first heard it, I was like cool and took it for a compliment. Then I got curious and decided to investigate further.

My friend (who is "like fire") and I like to tease each other about it. Like she'll say, "I make you boil"
I said, "Well, I can put you out!!!"

lol! It was funny!

Thanks for all the feedback! :)


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