Monday, July 14, 2008

Lifehouse Everything Skit

Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER.

This movie is slightly, umm...advanced? Gruesome? for some people, but I still recommend you watch it.

In the beginning of the movie, the girl is walking with God, and He is giving her everything she needs. He is blessing her with various things and making her happy. Then she gets tempted and sins with a man, and gets tempted by the world and Satan with money, alcohol, beauty, and other things. She has turned far from God, and you notice as you watch the Jesus in the movie, that He is "pulling for her" the whole time, even as she sins and "falls short of the glory of God". As she is tempted to commit suicide she remembers Jesus and tries to run for him, but the worldly things hold her back. However, Jesus fights for her as she sits and praises God, and eventually the things that tempted her are gone, because God helped her. Notice how in the beginning of the movie she wears a black shirt? At the end it's white because Jesus washed away her sins, and although she did some horrible things, God STILL FORGAVE HER. He just loved her in the end.

Our God is so awesome. I am always really touched when I watch this movie, because it's so moving. I got chills when I watched it again today, and I know it's because the Holy Spirit was speaking to me, and told me, that whenever we face temptations or sin in this world, WE CAN ALWAYS turn to Jesus, he will be there, helping us through anything we may face, as long as we LOVE HIM. Imagine-he's like a free life insurance, all you have to do is follow the commandments and strive to always do God's will. Man, it saddens me to think there are SO many people in this world who don't know God, don't have the nice protection of knowing Jesus as their Savior who is always there for them...

Anyway, I hoped this movie and my explanation helped you, and that the Holy Spirit may have touched you in this way. God Bless!

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