Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Haven't posted in a while so here is one.

I went to camp this summer and heard about a book called Do Hard Things. It is really cool. I read the book and actually just finished it today but I loved it. I will probably read it again. It was a really good book I would recomend it. Also you can go here to see the website. It is really cool. There is also a modesty survey that was very intersting. I really don't have that much to say. Bye and I hope you check out the Rebelution.

No Matter What ~ Jeremy Camp

I know that every time
I find the one thing that holds me back inside
I want to tear apart
And bring my selfish pleasures at your feet
Every part of me is an offering,
I will set forth and lay it down at your throne
Because I live for you alone

No matter what it takes I will offer,
Everything I am I give to you
Even unto death I will follow,
No matter what the price I will give to you now

I won't throw this time I have aside,
Your the very prize I have in sight,
You've placed this purpose down in me,
And it burns so deep
Let this life I lead bring you all the glory,
I'm entrusted with a gift that I can't hide
Revive my heart, revive my mind

To live is to really die
I will keep this steady pace,
Until that final day


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