Monday, January 7, 2008

What's Your Spiritual Gift?

Hey! This is a quiz from my Revolve Biblazine that I thought was neat...
Rate yourself from 1 - 10 (1 is Really not me and 10 is definitely me)

1. I'm going to stand up for what I believe even if no one else backs me up or agrees
2. I'm willing to work hard on a project until it is completed and done well
3. I'm usually the leader in a groups
4. I don't spend much money on myself
5. I really love helping people out who have problems, like addictions or diseases
6. I think it is more important to live out what you believe than to know all the technical stuff
7. I love reading the Bible. It is honestly my favorite book.
8. I like telling people about my faith - like talk to them about it.
9. I am pretty good at always remembering to tithe
10. I'm a Trendsetter - I plan for the future and people follow me.
11. It's really important to me that all my friends become strong Christians.
12. I have volunteered to lead some Bible studies at school or church because I love to share what I know about the Bible with others.
13. As long as what I'm doing helps the cause, I really could care less who gets the credit.
14. I get upset when the pastor doesn't address the sins that are obviously going around in our church
15. I'm great at getting people to help out when it comes to charity events or mission trip
16. I try to find ways to save money so I can give more to God
17. I don't mind doing grunt work if it means that God's word will reach more people
18. I want people to become Christians so badly that I will tell them about Jesus even when they don't want to hear about it

Results: (add up your score for each of these-
a) 1 and 14:
b) 2 and 13:
c) 6 and 15:
d) 7 and 12:
e) 9 and 16:
f) 4 and 10:
g) 5 and 17:
h) 8 and 18:
i) 3 and 11:

Whichever groups you got the highest score in is your strongest spiritual gift...

a) Prophecy - Ability to see the influence of evil and warn other Christians
b) Helping - Ability to help without getting any credit
c) Exhortation - Ability to show others practical ways to serve God
d) Teaching - desire to study the Bible and share knowledge with others
e) Giving - desire to give your things for God's work
f) Administration - Ability to manage resources efficiently
g) Showing Mercy - Ability to show comfort and support to someone who needs it
h) Evangelism - Ability to lead unbelievers to Christ
i) Shepherding - ability to lead a group of Christians


ellie said...

I am giving and helping...not the same as last time

Zoe said...

lol! I am Showing Mercy, Administration, and Teaching

Zoe said...

What did you get last time? I forgot.

Zoe said...

Actually, I looked back over my results and I actually had Showing Mercy, Administration, and helping. I retook it and got that again.

Skylar said...

I show evangelism, and shepherding

Zoe said...

That's cool!

Zoe said...

I took it several times and I always get the same first three. The fourth is always different though. lol! I got Sheparding one time... teaching another... giving another... and exhoration another time.

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