Thursday, March 27, 2008

Really Good Book Series

I'm reading a really good book. There is a whole series of books. It is the Christy Miller series. It is about a Christian girl living in California. I'm reading the 8th book I think. They come is books w/ 3 each. But they are really good and some people at school read them. Everyone I've talked to likes them. Ya'll should read them. Christy Miller by Robin Jones Gunn. I really have nothing else to say. If you read them tell me how you like them. They are fairly short and really good so I read them fast.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest a title if you like Christian fiction? "Outcasts of Skagaray" by Andrew Clarke reflects the author's deep feeling about the unwanted children and undervalued adults of the world. It is written as a fantasy adventure, so if you enjoy Tolkien or the Narnia Chronicles you might enjoy this one too. For sample chapters, look up See what you think!

strivin' said...

I read the first couple and they were okay, but outdated. Christy was a little too naive for today.

Zoe said...

@ Addie's post... I kind of want to read the Christy Miller books - I have heard they are good.

@ Anonymous - I have ever heard of that before.

Addie said...

i love them and i can relate to christy. She's a lot like me. I've learned a lot from the books. and i might look at that book. I love Christian fiction of any kind.

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