Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~My Faith is in You~

This is a psalm I wrote back in October for a school assignment. I posted it on my other blog also, so you may have read it before. I have written several, but no, you can't read them. :) Let me know what you think of this one though.


At times when troubles come,
at times I don’t understand,
and at times when I feel all alone,
I will put my trust in You.

I know not yet Your plans for me.
An unfinished picture is all I can see.

Your plans are like this picture -
created beautifully by Your own hand.

Yet all I see are tiny pieces,
of this unfinished puzzle.
These pieces are scattered about…
seemingly incomplete.

On my own these pieces…
can never become that picture,
so I must put my trust in You!

For without You I would be nothing.
In You I am complete!

Lord, I know You have a purpose for me,
one through faith I seek to fulfill.

I will go where You lead me,
and do as You command.

Because, Lord I know You love me,
and I surrender my life to You.
I believe You will guide me,
and protect me wherever I go.

For all this I give You thanks!
and praise You for all the things You’ve done!



Lauren Ann said...

that was great!! Good job, Zoe!

Ellie said...

That was really good...I think when I read it before I was in a hurry, and I never stopped to ponder the words.

Aww, I wana read your others. :-(


Thankful Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Zoe for your comment!:)

Lauren Ann said...

I know it (the followers thing) says I just added. It is because I put them all anonymous to see what that did, and them I put it back to public, so now it is how it is now. Sorry!

Lauren Ann

Erikiki said...

That's really good! I like it. That's how I feel most days.

Lauren Ann said...

I am really sorry for stopping following, but I am following way to many people and will have to stop some of them. I am really really sorry.

Lauren Ann

(I still will visit it) =( Sorry. I feel really bad.

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