Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surprise them!

Several times I've seen this question (or its variants) pop up on surveys or quizzes my friends have taken, but I never seem to get it myself.

Are you dating someone?
How long have you been dating your boy/girlfriend?
Dated someone longer than a year?

Of course, the normal answer would be "No" or "0" for me and the majority of my close friends.

And I like that. What's the point of it if you're too young to get married?

Well, I was thinking, and this answer popped into my head.


What? Let me explain.

I'm a Christian, and I'm not ashamed of it. I love it. So, naturally, I love my Lord and Savior. I adore Him.

So the sensible answer to "Have you dated anyone longer than a year?" would be Yes.

I don't know about you, but I'm dating Jesus. I have been for about 3 years now, ever since I gave my life to Him. I've fallen in love with God.

Next time someone asks you that, you could surprise them and say yes. ;)



Bekah said...

Cool! Haha! :)
I totally agree...dating is not a good thing. Courting, I think, is more...I don't know...more lasting? :D I'm not sure. I agree with you, Ellie.


Hannah said...

Ha, I really like that. Thanks! :D

I have been planning to court, er...be courted when I'm older.


Ellie said...

Yeah, I am really not liking the idea of dating, so courting is right up my alley--in the future, that is. I'll save dating for Jesus. ;)

Elizabeth J. said...

Very neat!=^)

emii said...

Hey, I like it!
Btw -- what's "Courting"? LOL


Miss Friendship said...

Hi. I haven't talked to you in a long time. I love the message you just shown. :] I'm definitely going to try that. And I'm dating Jesus too xD and i don't just adore and love him but all of the above. :D I LOVE being a christian too. its made my life beautiful.Can you do me a favor? If you could, some time, could you comment on my blog and maybe tell some other people you know and you think might like my blog about me I'd really appreciate it. :D <3 bu bye ^^

... is your name Ellie now or is that someone else cuz i'm not sure if your still going by Zoe or not

Ellie said...

Miss Friendship:
I've gone by Ellie for a long time--Zoe is one of my best friends. This blog has a lot of authors, and I'm just one of them.

Miss Friendship said...

oh WOW i didnt know that O.o thanks for letting me know. thats kinds embarrassing that I didnt know that. well anyway thanks

Ellie said...

That's totally okay. :)

justagirl4god said...

I like to think of it as being engaged - Before I knew Christ, I was dating Him - just learning more about Him by hanging out near Him and talking with those who knew Him. Now that I have a personal relationship with Him, I see it as engaged, because when we are in heaven it will be the wedding ceremony of the Lamb, and so know is my time to get to know Him even more and become closer to Him before we get married...
But I get what you are saying and it rocks!

Ellie said...

Hmm, I like that way of putting it too!

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