Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are you crushing too hard?

I got this from my Revolve Biblezine...

1. You spend your evenings...
A. On the phone with friends, chatting exclusively about your latest flame
B. Hanging out with your family
C. With friends, always with friends, looking for the guys
D. Calling your crush and hanging up

2. How far would you go to spot your crush?
A. Be sure to take the long rout to class, checking out his locker
B. Drive the long way home from school past his house or football practice
C. Buy tickets to a concert that you know he's going to be at
D. Not much, maybe just sit at his table at lunch

3. How many times have you looked at wedding magazines in the past year?
A. Less than three
B. 3-10
C. 11-15
D. More than 15

4. Have you ever written or said your name with his last name before?
A. Yes
B. No

5. Have you prayed for him?
A. Yes, on my own
B. Yes, at a small group
C. No

1. A=5; B=0; C=2; D=4
2. A=2; B=5; C=3; D=0
3. A=1; B=2; C=3; D=4
4. A=5; B=0
5. A=3; B=5; C=0

If you scored 0-9: You areb Level headed

If you scored 10-16: You are boy crazy

If you scored 17-24: You are totally crushed out


Zoe said...

I got a nine.

Equine K9 luvr! said...

:D I don't remember, let me take it again

Equine K9 luvr! said...

I got 14. Boy crazy :|

Zuzu said...

Got 11... lol

Zoe said...

Oh yea! I am the least crushed out! lol!

Addie said...

I got one. I'm not even joking. I win!

Addie said...

One is the lowest you can get.

Zoe said...

Amazing, Addie.
Well, there was one Q I couldn't decide on, so I just picked the one with the highest number, so I wouldn't feel like I lied! lol!

Addie said...

There was one that I wasn't sure about so i picked the most likely one. (Even though it isn't likely at all)

Brooke said...

I got a 9.

Ellie said...

I didn't add up my score. It was really low...

Addie said...

I still got a 1.

Zoe said...

Good for you

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