Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It really does help!! :)

Sometimes what happens even when you read the Bible daily, it seems that It's not doing anything to you. But, it's just like taking vitamins daily.  It feels like the vitamins aren't helping...but they are. When you become sick or something, because you took your vitamins, your immune system is really built-up and helps you  get through your sickness. Just like reading the Bible daily, when something spiritually or mentally happens in your life, you'll be more prepared. You will have more confident in God. You'll have more faith than when you didn't read God's Word. Also, God can teach you things about Him and the world when you spend time in His presence and read His Word. You'll be surprised how God can use you in ways you never thought you could be used when you are setting time for Him in your day . You really need to read his Word!! It really does help!! 


Zoe said...

That is so true.

Brooke said...

Very true, thanks for saying that Charity. I think I needed to hear that.

ChattE DEE said...

:) I think that is really why so many Christians aren't really prepared when something in their life happens and they freak out not knowing what to do. And since this is a site for that kinda stuff, I felt like I should say that.. well have a FANTASTIC day gals!! L8r

Addie said...

I agree.

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